World Jampionships 2014

Guests love our home-cooked breakfasts and we love serving them. Our meat, eggs and produce are sourced locally from the highest quality farms and vendors right here in Essex, and we take great care when making meals. Chef and co-owner, Ian, thoughtfully prepares the delicious breakfasts that have a become a guest favourite and have helped us earn a number 1 spot on Tripadvisor. After years in the B&B business, we know that a successful B&B is all about the details. At breakfast, one of our colourful details is fresh, home made jams. They can usually only be tasted at Harwood House; an exclusive treat for those staying with us. Made by a local artisan jam maker, Sandra Ayres, this year the tasty jams will be featured in our B&B, while the 2014 World Jampionships happen at the Dundee Flower and Food Festival.

Stansted B&B serves locally sourced jams in Essex.

Some of the flavourful jams served at Harwood House.

World Jampionships 2014 Jam and Harwood House Stansted B&B

Last week, the 2014 world Jampionships were held at the Dundee Flower and Food Festival. The unique international competition showcases and awards the worlds best jams, like those served at Harwood House, and we’re excited to help highlight the importance of hand crafted local products. During the Jampionships, we will be supporting Sandra and locally sourced products by offering 7 different flavours of jam – one for each day of the week. Our breakfast meats, eggs, and other items are also provided by local vendors right here in Essex, and we are very proud that they have become a key part of our ever-popular breakfasts. Breakfast at Harwood House is a true “localvore” experience.

Stansted B&B with Secure Parking

In addition to our fabulous breakfasts (complete with Sandra’s jam), Harwood house offers guests several staples in our B&B; including monthly deliveries of Good Housekeeping and the gorgeous Sunday Times Travel magazine in our recently refurbished rooms. Travellers through Stansted may also enjoy the security of our park and fly and bespoke taxi service.  If you are looking for a Stansted B&B, Harwood House’s commitment to our guests has made us the top choice in the area. You can easily book your stay online, or give us a ring.