Why Stay at a Stansted B&B?

why stay stansted b&bTaking a holiday should be an experience that leaves you feeling relaxed and allows you to savour life at a slower pace without spending a small fortune to do so. Traditional hotels have strict check-in/checkout times leaving you hurried; they often charge additional fees for amenities such as WiFi and parking, and asking for anything from the front desk results in feeling like a burden rather than a guest.

When holidaying in Essex, or passing through Stansted Airport for an overseas holiday, what options do you have? Well, we have something better – a comfortable, quaint, B&B. Why stay Stansted B&B? Here’s our thoughts.

Why Stay Stansted B&B

The perfect solution to the average hotel dilemma is booking a stay at the charming Harwood House. Travellers may overlook bed and breakfasts because they believe that they are more expensive or think that they are reserved only for romantic getaways. However, that is a big misconception. Here are a few of the many reasons that you should consider a stay at a Stansted B&B:

  • Harwood House is located just a few short minutes from Stansted Airport and we are pleased to offer private airport transfer service courtesy of our bespoke taxi driver, Ian.
  • Our beautifully decorated, private, and comfortable guest rooms provide respite for weary travellers with peace and quiet.
  • Personal service is what makes us truly stand apart from neighbouring hotels in the region. Our innkeepers reside next door to the B&B and will make sure that any of your needs are met, day or night.
  • Typical Continental breakfasts can’t compete with our delicious home-cooked breakfast that we craft each morning showcasing local and seasonal fare.
  • Our rates are easily comparable, and often better, than many of the other hotel options in the area. You’ll get your money’s worth and more!

You will rest easy knowing that you’re being treated to the best quality and service around. Harwood House Stansted B&B is the perfect holiday getaway without the fuss that you’ve likely experienced at hotels or other establishments.

For questions about our lovely bed and breakfast, rates, or to book your Stansted B&B getaway, ring us on 01371874627.