Stansted Hotels versus Stansted B&Bs

What’s best when travelling via Stansted Airport, Stansted hotels or bed and breakfasts? Hotels and bed and breakfasts occupy different places in the hospitality industry. Certainly, both can provide affordable and convenient stays with great amenities and convenience to local attractions. However, the differences between hotels and B&Bs means they offer very different experiences for guests. In order to know what’s best for you, you need to think about what you want out of your stay.

Stansted Hotels or Stansted B&Bs

What is the Difference Between Stansted Hotels and Stansted B&Bs

A question worth asking is: what is the difference between hotels and B&Bs? Firstly, hotels tend to part of a large corporate business, operating within a clear theme and point of view. In contrast, B&Bs tend to be smaller family-owned proprietorships. As a larger conglomerate, hotels can offer uniform accommodation across locations. In other words, you always know what you’re getting from a particular big brand. However, B&Bs provide a uniquely crafted experience. The quality of that experience depends greatly on the individual owners rather than on the rules of a corporate manual. Review sites such as TripAdvisor provide helpful information on the standards for individual bed & breakfasts.

Secondly, the food. While hotels typically offer a complimentary Continental breakfast, B&Bs tend to offer high-quality breakfasts made-to-order. Hotels employ chefs and a large kitchen staff to prepare large Continental buffets en masse. The food choices are uniform across the hotel chain’s locations and tend towards adequate rather than inspiring. In contrast, the food at most B&Bs is freshly made by the owners. Guests are more likely to encounter locally sourced ingredients and home-cooked breakfasts of a gourmet quality.

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Finally, value for money. Though larger hotels can offer discounts, B&Bs tend to provide a more luxurious stay for less. When it comes to personal touches and very-well put together rooms, pound for pound hotels struggle to compete with B&Bs. Bed and breakfasts live and die by their reputation, so owner-operators are dedicated to superb customer service and going the extra mile for their guests. They have the power and the will to accommodate special requests and guests’ individual needs in a way hotels cannot.

Stansted Hotels versus Stansted B&Bs Pros and Cons

When comparing Stansted hotels and Stansted B&Bs, both options offer pros and cons. Differences in size drive the main pros and cons between hotels and B&Bs. Hotels tend to be larger than B&Bs. Therefore, hotels may offer more discounts as well as a wider range of amenities, such as gyms or access to a spa. Hotels’ larger size and staff also tends to mean 24-7 operation. So, hotels provide a standardised and reliable experience for guests often with good amenities and convenience to airports and local attractions. However, B&Bs’ smaller size has advantages. For instance, bed and breakfasts often offer a more boutique experience, with greater luxury and a more bespoke service than larger competitors. Moreover, as B&Bs tend to be run through private homes, guests can often find very centrally located accommodation at competitive prices.

So, is a hotel or a Stansted B&B better for you? The choice is yours. Stansted hotels clustered near the Airport offer convenience and a standard experience. Guests looking for park & fly services, may use periodic shuttles between large carparks and hotels. However, a Stansted bed & breakfast such as Harwood House offers park and fly services and bespoke taxi pick-up on departure and arrival. Moreover, beautifully renovated rooms, WiFi, tea and coffee in the room, and superb freshly made breakfasts just 10 minutes from the Airport but outside the flight path. With competitive pricing and a personal touch, you might find booking with Harwood House Stansted B&B your best option!