Stansted B&B for Essex Winter Weddings

The winter months in Essex create a lovely and magical backdrop for couples to wed. Here at Harwood House, we love being a part of the big day whether our cosy Stansted B&B serves as the lodging for the wedding party and guests, or the newlyweds stay with us for a night or two before […]

Stansted B&B for Romantic Autumn Breaks

The intimate warmth of our B&B is what makes the Harwood House a superb option for a romantic autumn getaway. Couples looking for a break from the day-to-day and a place to truly unwind and relax while experiencing all of the charm that the Essex countryside and coastline have to offer will appreciate our personalised […]

Great Dunmow Hotel for Bonfire Night 2016

The always beautiful Great Dunmow Fantastic Round Table Fireworks Display happened on Saturday, 5 November 2016. Bonfire Night makes the perfect opportunity for a country getaway to Essex. Once there, you can take in the amazing show and explosive fireworks display and light show set to music. Also enjoy a huge bonfire, BBQ, confectionery stall and bar. […]

Great Value Stansted Bed and Breakfast

Whether travelling is a necessity or a luxury, most consumers are thoughtful about how they budget their holiday expenses. They prefer the very best deals on airfare, lodgings and ground transportation. The value we offer to our guests is something that we take great pride in. We strive to make every moment of your stay with […]

Stansted Bed and Breakfast in Cosy Great Dunmow

The quaint charm, fine attention to detail, and warm, friendly service found at our small, family-owned and operated bed and breakfast, beats corporate-owned lodging, hands down. Not only is the hospitality you’ll find here at the Harwood House in cosy Great Dunmow top quality, but we offer outstanding accommodations and are the premier Stansted bed and […]

Stansted B&B for September Destinations

Are you dreaming of your next holiday adventure? Well, Stansted Airport is expanding their destination options for travellers ready to get away. New options include some amazing cities to explore this autumn and winter! As it stands, we just happen to be the perfect Stansted B&B for September destinations. Here’s a few reasons why. An Ideal Stansted […]

Stansted B&B for September Holiday Deals

It is not uncommon to assume that once September arrives, summer has come to an end and we must begin the process of hunkering down for the autumn season. However, September is a fantastic month to take advantage of mild temperatures and spectacular travel deals! If you are looking for a budget-friendly holiday in the […]

Stansted B&B for August Bank Holiday 2016

Any reason to take a holiday is a good reason to take a holiday! This past Bank Holiday weekend reminded us of how great our Stansted B&B is for bank holidays. Stansted B&B August Bank Holiday 2016 Harwood House Stansted B&B offers a great location and accommodations for a family Bank Holiday getaway. We are […]

Great Dunmow Hotel for Family Holidays Essex

Travelling with family isn’t always easy. Especially where children are involved. Often, accommodations at hotels are too cramped, or parents are stuck with thick doors between themselves and their small children. Well, we’ve got news for you – not only is Essex ideal for a family holiday, but also for our family style accommodations. Family […]

Stansted B&B for Last Minute Summer Holidays

Your last minute summer holiday overseas just got a whole lot easier thanks to new routes being offered out of Stansted Airport! Whether you’re heading to Malaga or Orlando, take advantage of the convenient new Stansted destinations 2016. While you’re planning your overseas holiday, make sure you also book your stay at our lovely Stansted […]