Stansted B&B for City Breaks

Do you want to know the secret to executing the perfect May Bank Holiday? Stansted B&B city breaks! Got an adventure planned for the long weekend? Do yourself a favor and book a stay with us on your way in and out of Stansted. We’ll make certain that your time here is hassle-free. Stansted B&B […]

Stansted B&B May Bank Holiday 2017

Spring travellers who are looking for convenient accommodations when passing through Stansted will be pleased to know that Harwood House is located a mere five miles from Stansted Airport. Better yet, we offer a number of services that make your trip hassle free! The Stansted B&B May Bank Holiday 2017 is coming up later this month. […]

V Festival Accommodation 2017

Do you love V Festival but despise over-populated campgrounds, cold showers, and overpriced, tasteless food from stalls? By booking a room at the Harwood House, you can have the best of both worlds! Enjoy the festival experience by day and spend your evenings in the privacy of your own quiet suite. You’ll be able to […]

Easter in Great Dunmow

The welcome change from winter to spring has us anticipating the Easter Bank Holiday, which is right around the corner! Easter in Great Dunmow is an excellent time to enjoy the region. Indeed, there are a number of Easter-themed activities for kids of all ages including egg hunts, luncheons, beer festivals, Good Friday celebrations, craft […]

Harwood House Stansted B&B Welcomes New Owners Nicola & Tom

Harwood House Stansted B&B new owners, Nicola Bradley and Tom Hamilton, are committed to honouring the B&B’s well-earned reputation for top-quality service. On 1 March, Nicola & Tom, became the new owners of Harwood House B&B. However, their history with the B&B goes back much further. Nicola began working at the B&B for the last […]

Stansted B&B: New Routes for Spring Holidays

New travel destinations out of Stansted Airport means more choices for a last minute spring holidays in the sun. If you’re dreaming of an escape to the Mediterranean, frolicking on white sand beaches, sun-kissed skin, endless lounging in a rustic villa, and exploring extraordinary cuisine and nightlife, keep reading. Jet2 airlines will offer new routes […]

Stansted B&B for Valentine’s Retreat

Valentine’s Day is the holiday during which we show our partners how much we love them. Traditionally, we give them gifts like chocolates and flowers or treat them to a quiet dinner at a posh restaurant. While the traditional efforts can be romantic, commercialisation has made the day less so. If you’re seeking to break […]

Stansted B&B Best Breakfasts

You’ve probably heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but do you know why? Imagine a warm, cosy fire burning in a woodstove to keep you warm. In the evening before retiring, you add wood to the fire so that it will continue to burn through the night. When you wake […]

Stansted B&B with Comfortable Rooms

The comfort of our guests here at Harwood House is of utmost importance. We want visitors to our cosy Stansted bed and breakfast to feel at home. Our surroundings should evoke a sense of peace while you stay with us on holiday. We work tirelessly year after year to create a marvellous experience for our guests. Our High […]

Stansted B&B for Holiday Travel

The holiday season is filled with such a sense of magic and wonderment… and an endless list of to-dos… shopping for the perfect gift for everyone on your list, baking, decorating, caroling, gift wrapping, packing, traveling… you know how it goes. We tend to stir ourselves into a tizzy getting everything accomplished and have little […]