New Routes through Stansted: Harwood House B&B Park and Fly Service

harwood-house-bb-stansted-routesAs a Stansted B&B, guests from all over the world enjoy our award-winning service and accommodations close to Stansted airport. We work tirelessly to create the best possible experience for travellers and maintain the reputation that we’ve built as a B&B, whose attention to detail is second to none. From our monthly delivery of in room magazines such as Good Housekeeping and the Sunday Times Travel Magazine to our fresh, carefully crafted breakfast, we do all that we can to make Harwood House the best B&B near Stansted. Of course there are also things out of our control that help make a stay here a positive one: the beautiful countryside location, the wonderful nearby attractions and now, several more fabulous destinations are directly available through Ryanair and Stansted.

12 New Routes Through Stansted

Travellers can begin or end their trips at Harwood House and travel to 12 new locations. Visit the Münster in Basel, Switzerland or go wine shopping in Bordeaux, France. Eat your way through Comiso, Sicily or sample the pubs of Dortmund, Germany. If you’re looking for a hidden gem, the fourth largest city in Croatia, Osijek is a traveller’s dream – if that dream is to avoid a plethora of tourists that is. Travellers can relax while enjoying baroque architecture, numerous parks, wine and authentic dining. Other newly added locations include Lisbon, Portugal; Podgorica in Montenegro; Prague, Czech Republic; Rabat, Morocco; Brive, France; Bucharest, Romania and Skelleftea, Sweden. All of these excellent locations are available through Stansted on the low cost airline, Ryanair.

Stansted B&B with Secure Parking and Taxi Service

Harwood House Stansted offers competitively priced Park & Fly services to get your summer holiday off to a comfortable and affordable start.Travellers in search of a Stansted B&B with parking can enjoy our private taxi and transfer service to and from the airport while leaving their car secure in the Harwood House parking lot. No need to wait for a shuttle, Ian is happy to pick you up or drop you off.

If you are looking for a B&B near Stansted with parking for your summer holiday, Harwood House is a stone’s throw from the airport and a gateway to some of the world’s best destinations. You can book your stay online or give us a ring.