Harwood House Stansted B&B: Breakfast for Localvores

When we ask guests about their favourite part of their stay at Harwood House Stansted B&B, one of the most common replies is our homemade breakfast service. We are particularly proud of our locally-sourced breakfasts and enjoy participating in Farmhouse Breakfast Week, a week highlighting the importance of fresh, healthy breakfasts for your well-being. It is a great pleasure to know our guests also enjoy our lovingly-prepared breakfasts, as this review on TripAdvisor shows:

Would of slept the entire next day if it wasn’t for the heavenly smell of a fresh cooked breakfast. Which tasted as good as it smelled.

Many thanks to Mr.NotSoEasy on TripAdvisor for the kind words.

Comments like that make us really excited for Farmhouse Breakfast Week, 26 Jan – 1 Feb, when we will be celebrating our breakfast, fit for a localvore. We are dedicated to serving fabulous breakfasts year-round every morning, and Farmhouse Breakfast Week will be a great opportunity to revel in the marvellous cooking capabilities of chef and co-owner, Ian Aldridge. Ian has trained at Leiths School of Food and Wine, and has some tasty morsels planned for Harwood House Stansted B&B guests during Farmhouse Breakfast Week. Breakfast menus at the B&B always feature the best quality produce, meats, and dairy that can be sourced locally. Here’s a special sneak peek at what will be on morning plates in celebration of Farmhouse Breakfast Week.

Breakfast Menu for Farmhouse Breakfast Week

  • Sausages from the award-winning Broad Oak Farm in Hatfield Broad Oak, just 7 miles from the B&B
  • Bacon from the famous and historic Smithfields Meat Market in London
  • Free range eggs from Bridgefoot Farm House in neighbouring Heydon, Essex
  • homemade jams and marmalades

Sound tantalising? Well, don’t worry if you can’t stay with us this week; guests staying at Harwood House Stansted B&B can enjoy fresh, locally-sourced breakfasts year round. In Ian’s own words:

We believe we cook the perfect breakfast on a daily basis, so we’ve decided that for Farmhouse Breakfast Week we will simply continue doing what we do best!

Ian's brilliant breakfast

Ian’s brilliant breakfast

Guests at our Stansted B&B always enjoy a relaxing, hand-prepared breakfast at separate tables overlooking our beautiful, well-kept garden. There is no squeezing in around a communal table like you find at many B&Bs. Our breakfast is one of a kind, just like our Stansted park & fly service, but don’t just take our word for it. Come stay with us, and experience truly personalised accommodations close to Great Dunmow High Street and Stansted Airport.