Explore Talliston House during Your Stay at Harwood House Stansted B&B

While many of our guests are travellers looking for a B&B near Stansted with parking, our village location in Great Dunmow has many places to visit and is a lovely destination for weddings and holidays. If you’re visiting the countryside for a getaway or for an event and wish to explore, we always recommend a stop at Talliston House and Gardens. Talliston House has become a popular stop in the area and is a favourite among our B&B guests.

Talliston House and Gardens: A Journey Through Time


Talliston House and Gardens is a once ordinary home that has undergone a transformation over the past 25 years into an extraordinary dreamworld of captivating locations. Each of the 13 rooms is a journey to another time and place spanning the globe and hundreds of years. Each of the 13 rooms has been deconstructed down to the brick and mortar and then re-crafted. Every detail is intentional, from the globally sourced items carefully placed around the space to the smell of each local; this evolving work of art is an experience for all the senses. Explore rooms like The Voodoo Kitchen, The Labyrinth, or The Room of Dreams. Each room is sure to surprise in this one of a kind attraction. Located just moments from Harwood House, Talliston House and Gardens is a fabulous addition to your itinerary while you are staying in Great Dunmow.

Stansted B&B with Parking and Taxi Service

If you’re looking for a B&B in Great Dunmow for a trip through Stansted Airport, a wedding, or a countryside getaway, Harwood House Stansted B&B is located in the perfect spot. Just minutes from the airport, our safe and secure parking and bespoke taxi service make travelling through Stansted easy. If Great Dunmow is your destination, Ian, owner and licensed taxi driver is able to drop you off at a wedding or pick you up from a visit to one of the many attractions like Talliston House and Gardens. We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to offer our guests award-winning service in Great Dunmow near wonderful destinations such as Talliston House and Gardens. Feel free to give us a ring or you can book your stay with us online at anytime.