Countess of Warwick Show Accommodation 2015

Every year the Countess of Warwick Country Show draws thousands of visitors to Little Easton Dunmow Essex, just a short journey from Harwood House. With something for everyone, our little hotel fills up quick with show-goers who come to enjoy the animals, food, activities, vintage motorbikes and cars, beautiful gardens, art and wares from local craftspeople.This year the dates of the show are the 30th and 31st August, and we can’t wait!

Countess Warwick Show Accommodation and Harwood House History

countess-warwick-show-accommodation-2015The first Countess of Warwick Country Show was held in 1990 and even though it is only 25 years old, its ties to the past are very strong. The modern show carries on the traditions of the Countess’s Cottage Garden Show that ended shortly before WW2. In addition to celebrating the past and present life of the countryside, most of the proceeds go to the maintenance and renovation of the centuries old churches within the Five Parishes.

For us at Harwood House the ties to the Countess run deep. Daisy, the Countess of Warwick commissioned Harwood House for the Essex County Farmers in the 1930s in order to win favour with the local community. Building ceased during the war but was eventually completed by Harris the Builder. Because of the Countess’s close ties with Captain Henry Harwood she named our house after him. Captain Harwood would became famous for leading the British Navy to victory in the Battle of the River Plate and was later appointed to admiral and then knighted.

Harwood House Countess Warwick Show Accommodation

Harwood House Stansted B&B is the perfect place to stay during the show with easy access to the lovely market town of Great Dunmow and our unique bespoke taxi service to get you to and from the show. Stay the night, enjoy a fabulous breakfast sourced from local farms and be on your way to the show. When you are ready to come back and relax, Ian will pick you up from Little Easton and bring you back to the comfort of our B&B. We are already fully booked for the 30th, but still have limited space on the 31st, so book soon.  If you are looking for a Countess Warwick Show accommodation for 2016, then now is the time to call or book online.