Airport Hotel or Bed and Breakfast Stansted?

Bed and Breakfast Stansted You have many options when travelling through Stansted. One option, a bed and breakfast Stansted, can offer comfort and convenience during your journey. Though many travellers may not consider a B&B at first, bed and breakfasts can offer great value for money. Moreover, B&Bs provide unique and comfortable experiences for guests. Before booking your next Airport hotel, think bed and breakfast!

What Makes a Good Bed and Breakfast Stansted?

Several ingredients make a great bed and breakfast. Here’s our top four picks for an excellent B&B.

1. Hospitable hosts

Firstly, a great bed and breakfast must prize hospitality. From a warm welcome to a clean and comfortable establishment, B&Bs must strive to make guests feel welcomed and valued.

Hospitality is your business. A successful bed and breakfast operation builds its reputation on the hospitality it provides. Repeat business and referrals often come as a result of your interactions with the guests. ~ TripSavvy, Being a Good Bed and Breakfast

2. Value for money

Secondly, good Stansted B&Bs provide superb value for money. Recent comparisons suggest that you will often pay less than at a hotel. Moreover, for bed and breakfasts Stansted, park and fly and Airport transfers should be considered in a price comparison. A convenient location, competitive park & fly services, and easy transfers are crucial to a B&B’s value for money.

3. A great night’s sleep

Next, feeling refreshed when sleeping away from home. This is never easy. However, a good bed and breakfast will offer spacious and beautifully decorated rooms. While a large corporate hotel can promise a standard offering, a bed and breakfast can offer you an exceptional room. A quality room and sleep is particularly important for travellers through Stansted. Airport accommodations can be loud and polluted. In contrast, a Stansted B&B can provide a location moments from the Airport, but out of the flight path and away from the noise and smell of aeroplanes.

4. The food!

Finally, breakfast. Great breakfasts make great B&Bs. Forget cold scrambled eggs and uninspired buffets. Bed and breakfasts pride themselves on freshly made breakfasts. Moreover, many B&Bs use local ingredients, giving you the full flavour of the region. Hotels simply cannot compete with the attention to detail available at bed and breakfasts.

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